Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy about Erectile Dysfunction: Causes and Treatment

Erectile DysfunctionErectile dysfunction is a common type of sexual dysfunction in men when he has trouble getting or keeping an erection necessary for a complete sexual act. Sometimes, an erection is not enough to even start a sexual act, and in other cases, an erection is incomplete, but then disappears at all and does not allow man ejaculate.

Erectile dysfunction (impotence) is a special form of sexual disorder in men, compared with a reduced libido, anorgasmia, impaired sperm excretion, or premature ejaculation.

These disorders may have different causes and mechanisms. In this article, Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy will review ED causes and explain how to cure erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction causes

In fact, the incidence of impotence is directly proportional to the age. At the age of 45 healthy men usually do not experience erectile dysfunction, but by the age of 50-60, 10% of patients experience such complaints, and by the age of 80 only 20% of men can “boast” a full sexual life. Erectile dysfunction in young men is also a common opinion.

In the XX century, and especially in its early and middle years, people believed that almost all types of sexual dysfunction are caused by some psychological reasons. However, modern Canadian Pharmacy researches helped to identify erectile dysfunction types, erectile dysfunction risk factors, physical and psychological causes:

  • Vascular disorders. Congenital and acquired vascular defects, hypoplasia and underdevelopment of the cavernous artery. In adulthood, the most common ED causes are atherosclerosis, obliterating endarteritis, Lerish’s syndrome, as well as an aneurysm of the abdominal aorta;
  • Various neurological disorders. These include lesions of the internal nerves of the pelvis, which are branches of the sacral plexus. Often, the ED cause may be horse tail syndrome, when the pathological process is localized in the lower part of the sacral segments. Often, the cause of impotence is diabetic polyneuropathy, which often occurs in old age;
  • Endocrine diseases. In addition to the diabetes mellitus, which was mentioned above, erectile dysfunction can be provoked by hyperprolactinaemia and hypogonadism. In addition, a high level of estrogen, as well as high concentrations of thyroid hormones in hyperthyroidism and thyrotoxicosis, can also “interfere” with erection;
  • As for psychological reasons, they can be either primary or secondary. The primary may include fear of proximity, the presence of an anamnesis of organic diseases that have been successfully cured. The fact is that fear remained and turned into a second-psychogenic cause of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction treatment

To effectively treat erectile dysfunction, you need to know its cause. Sometimes, especially in the case of psychological erectile dysfunction, it is enough to get rid of fear. There are many cases when experienced women healed their cavaliers, assuring them that they like most when an erection occurs at the last moment, and they prefer completely different caresses. In this case, fear was so blurred and drawn out that men achieved a positive reaction.

In addition to this means for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy has s a whole group of drugs for erectile dysfunction that are designed to improve an erection.

About drugs for erectile eysfunction

ED drugs

The modern drugs for erectile dysfunction are both a real medicine with proven effectiveness, and all sorts of food additives that have no such evidence base.

But the treatment of erectile dysfunction always represented a “gold mine” not only for pharmacists, but also for charlatans: after all, the faith in the healer and the medicine sometimes creates miracles.

What erectile dysfunction medications from Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy have proven most effective?

About Viagra

Viagra for erectile dysfunction was the first drug which appeared on the market. The active ingredient of Viagra for men is Sildenafil.

The effectiveness of Sildenafil 100 mg reaches 82%. Many patients reported a positive effect, which is more than 3 times higher than the control group taking placebo, a “dummy”.

Viagra price is usually very high. But Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy has made Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy has made Viagra pills accessible to men all over the worlds by selling generic Viagra (Sildenafil), which is much cheaper.

Like many other drugs for erectile dysfunction, the effect of Viagra pills was surprising for the researchers, since it was originally designed for the treatment of a heart attack, but proved completely inconsistent for that. But the drug proved highly effective in the erectile dysfunction therapy by increasing the blood flow into the cavernous bodies and causing a strong lasting erection.

The drug is effective mainly in vascular disorders and psychological dysfunction. The treatment of men with diabetes, compression of pelvic nerves or endocrine causes may prove be less effective due to the presence of an underlying disease, although patients with diabetes and spinal trauma also noticed an improved erection after taking Viagra.

Take Viagra tablet one hour before sexual contact. Canadian Pharmacy Viagra Dosage is 50 mg, and the maximum Viagra dosage is 100 mg.

Before use, you should carefully study instructions for use, because there are Viagra side effects, contraindications and interactions with other drugs. Now, you can buy Viagra online without leaving your house.

The next generation: Cialis and Levitra

Immediately after the “accidental finding” of Viagra, they started searches for a group of phosphodiesterase inhibitors, to which this drug belongs. And new discoveries did not take long. Soon, there was introduced a second drug, called Cialis (Tadalafil).

Its distinctive property is a longer lasting effect. And this reduces nervousness, especially with the first, romantic date. Cialis from Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy lasts for up to 36 hours! This increases the chances for success.

The next PDE5 inhibitor was Levitra (Vardenafil). It is much more effective than Sildenafil and at the same time, Levitra side effects are minimal, for example, it has less effect on spermatogenesis.

The metabolism of the drug is not affected by fatty foods and alcohol, Levitra lasts for about 4-5 hours.

In Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy you can find these and many others erectile dusfunction cures and buy erectile dysfunction pills online on the most beneficial terms!