Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy: Diagnostics and Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy stresses out that erectile dysfunction refers to male sexual disorder, expressed in inability to maintain or achieve erection, sufficient for a full sexual intercourse.

From time to time, this condition can occur in life of every man and that there are known causes (fear, fatigue, stress, alcohol consumption, etc.), but it is not of a long or systematic nature. Erectile dysfunction presence is not always accompanied by a decrease in sexual desire (libido).

Nevertheless, according to statistical data, this type of sexual disorder in absence of erectile dysfunction treatment occurs on average in 10% of men at the age of 20-40 years, in older age this figure can reach 45-50%, and this significantly lowers the quality of life, certainly affecting male psychoemotional state and self-esteem.

Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosis

Before erectile dysfunction treatment, a qualitative diagnosis is necessary. Initial examination and collection of urologist anamnesis, which includes a detailed questioning of patient on his problem and examination with a series of functional tests to assess adequacy of genital innervation, rectal examination of prostate, etc.Erectile Dysfunction-Diagnosis and TreatmentThere are the following methods of diagnosis of erectile dysfunction:

  • ultrasonic scanning of pelvic organs with dopplerography, helps not only to identify abnormalities in organs structure, but also to determine their blood supply. This study can be used with and without medicamental tests.
  • penile biothesiometry – a test that determines penile sensitivity to vibration and its innervation, is carried out with the help of special equipment.
  • use special methods of recording night erection.
  • determination of patient’s hormonal profile and biochemical tests of blood composition level.
  • detection of urological diseases with conduct of appropriate tests (taking swipes from urethra, spermography, etc.).
  • psychotherapist consultation (sexologist) is also important for erectile dysfunction for further treatment.
  • therapist and neurologist consultation (according to indications) to determine co-morbidities that can affect an erection.

Basic Principles of Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

At present, a lot of complex conservative methods of erectile dysfunction treatment that can completely restore sexual function in men have been developed. But they require full and accurate implementation of all the recommendations given by doctors

Whole range of medical methods has been developed and successfully used:

  • to eliminate disease’s psychogenic factors, it is necessary to carry out consultation with therapist or sexologist.
  • androgenic therapeutic treatment with the use of special medications that can normalize and maintain the level of male sex hormones in patient’s body. In some cases, doctors recommend intracavernous injections in penis (drugs and dosage for this are selected individually which you may buy in Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy and usually not more than once a week).
  • Since most often erectile dysfunction is caused by a combination of several factors and can be provoked by other diseases, treatment should be aimed at eliminating their causes and symptoms (hypertension, diabetes, endocrine system diseases, atherosclerosis and many others). In this case, therapists, cardiologists and other specialists, if necessary, select drugs, side effects of which do not negatively affect on the erection.
  • physiotherapy and reflexotherapy.
  • hardware treatment of erectile dysfunction is carried out using a special vacuum equipment, which, due to creation of negative pressure, contributes to appearance of an erection sufficient for sexual intercourse. This method (vacuum-erection or local decompression) is painless and in future the patient can use it independently.

Basic principles of erectile dysfunction prevention:

  • If a man faces erectile dysfunction, treatment should begin with a balanced diet with reduced intake of animal fats
  • maintaining a sufficient level of physical activity, sports, especially with a sedentary lifestyle
  • abandonment of bad habits (smoking, alcohol abuse, drug use)
  • try to maintain stability of psycho-emotional sphere for erectile dysfunction treatment, to strive for mastery of methods of stress relieving, relaxation, meditation, etc.
  • regularly monitor your health as a whole, undergo periodic medical examination.