Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy Overview: Women’s Myths about Male Potency – Which of Them are True?

What is True and What is Fiction in Female Opinion about Male Potency?

Woman’s view of the strong half of humanity is often far from true. Ladies often deceive themselves, inventing and then telling each other different myths that relate to men and their health.

Transmitted and exaggerated, these false ideas get stronger, surrounded by new speculations, and as a result, the two planets – Mars and Venus – drift further and further from one another, which hinders them from building relationships, understanding each other.

Sexual life is a large part of every person’s life who has reached puberty, and this aspect is very important for joint harmonious life. That’s why it is necessary to find out what is true and what is fiction in such popular women’s opinions about male potency, mixed with prejudices and ignorance.

myths about men's health

Myth №1. A Healthy Man Always Can and Wants

Many women have tendency to dramatize the situation with male «misfires» in bed. However, one should not be too critical of a partner who has not succeeded in sexual intercourse. In reality, the cause of only 25% of failed sexual intercourses is violation of erectile function. Erectile dysfunction may well occur in an absolutely healthy man. This does not mean any pathology of sexual sphere of your partner.

Reasons for absence or disappearance of erection can be a number of factors, such as:

  • fatigue;
  • stress;
  • physical unattractiveness of a partner.

Fiasco in bed, strangely enough, most often happens on the first night with new partner. The fact is that fear and excitement that accompany the first intimacy with strongly desirable object cause extremely negative effect on erection. Guilty of this is adrenaline, which is produced in these moments in huge quantities.

Myth №2. Men Over 40 Inevitably Suffer from Reduction in Erection

This is not true. By itself, age is not an indicator of male health, which can also be said about state of organism as a whole. At the same time, lifestyle that a man leads is very influential.

Negatively affect sexual life of men:

  • irregular sexual life;
  • smoking;
  • alcoholism;
  • weak physical activity or its complete absence.

These factors can also introduce a 30-year-old man with problems in sexual sphere.

At the same time, if a member of the stronger sex cares about his health, keeps active sex life, he is able to set records in bed even at the age of 70.

Of course, over the years various functions of the body are characterized by decrease in activity, but Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy advises not rush to talk about some «Rubicon» crossed in sexual sphere. Although television draws us a sad picture: supposedly almost half of men over 40 have erectile dysfunction. Over time, this stereotype is fixed in mind, and not only among women.

In fact, in a healthy man the first problems in bed can begin only after 50 years. Only by the age of 60 level of testosterone decreases in blood – hormone responsible for sexual function, sexual attraction.

Especially do not pay attention to advertising of pharmaceutical companies, frightening us with horror stories about inevitable problems with erection in men after 40. After all, all they need is to sell more drugs.

Myth №3. If He has Problems in Bed with Me, then He does Not Like Me

If a woman does not attract a man physically, he is unlikely to be with her in bed. A woman, unlike a man, can find reasons for sexual intimacy other than sexual attraction – for example, to do this for the sake of preserving family or relationships. Men very rarely go to such a step, having sex only when they have sexual desire for a woman.

Therefore, a man’s fiasco in bed with you does not mean that you do not attract him physically.

Myth №4. If Before Sex with Me a Man Takes Medicines, then I do Not Excite Him

Special drugs (Viagra, Cialis, Levitra) are not only designed to help a man to strengthen erection, but also to increase his confidence in himself. Just do not start a scandal, and even worry if you accidentally found your partner’s pills to increase potency.

Especially since most of them are dummies, maximum – vitamins, and their action is based on effect of placebo. Thus, a man simply begins to believe in himself, convinced of magic properties of the drug, and this positively affects his potency, although in fact there is nothing to influence there.

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy scientists put an experiment, during which one group of men were given drugs that produced flow of blood to genitals, to another group – placebo, «dummy». At the same time, increase in erection was observed in both groups.

If you notice that a man is taking medication and want to find out what the reason is, just ask him. Men are simpler than women, and veiled questions and attempts to cheat to find out the truth will only harm, provoking his distrust. Often the real reasons are quite simple. For example, a man asked his doctor to give him medicines to strengthen erection, because his partner’s nail polish color completely killed his sexual attraction to her. He did not want to embarrass his girlfriend and instead of asking her to change nail color, as it was her favorite nail polish and color.

Myth №5. If a Man Takes Medicine to Increase Potency, then He will Have Erection Even in Total Absence of Women

It’s funny, but it’s true – overwhelming majority of women think so. Although in fact it is more like a script of some low-budget comedy. It’s so funny: take a pill and get inappropriate erection, putting yourself in embarrassing situation.

In fact, to have erection even under the action of pills, you still need external stimulants – sexually attractive partner, foreplay, kisses, other elements of love foreplay.

Myth №6. Pills that Increase Erection, Harm Male Health

Any medications have side effects, including increasing potency drugs. It can be in particular:

  • hot flushes;
  • toning effect;
  • redness of face;
  • increased blood pressure.

Nevertheless, they can be combined with alcoholic beverages or with medicines to treat cardiovascular system. Considering that all these medicines are usually needed for men over the age of 60, who by virtue of their age have to take heart drugs; only a doctor can prescribe pharmaceuticals to increase potency. Advice of colleagues here not only useless, but can do much harm.
myths about erectile dysfunction

Myth №7. Erectile Dysfunction is a Sign of Serious Illnesses

It’s true. If persistent and regular reduction of erection is observed in young people (up to 50 years), then it can indicate other diseases. Most often these are diseases that affect state of blood vessels – diabetes, cardiovascular diseases. And at venereal infections, sexual function suffers first.

Even at common cold or flu, you need to give the body a little rest. The first sexual intercourse should after recovery should be performed after at least 5 – 7 days, otherwise there may be problems in sexual life.

The most common cause of poor erection is prostatic disease, which plays a key role in men’s health, including being responsible for producing male sex hormones as well as sperm.

A man can start worrying about state of his health with such symptoms as:

  • increased urge to urinate;
  • discomfort during urination.

If all of these symptoms are present, this is a serious reason to seek help from specialist to exclude possibility of serious illness.