Erectile Dysfunction: How to Treat It?

Erectile Dysfunction

Many men believe that erectile dysfunction is an incurable disease. But this is not true. In this article, Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy will explain the nature of this condition and, finally, dispel all the myths about erectile dysfunction.

Today, the word “erectile dysfunction” means the inability to achieve or maintain an erection necessary for sexual intercourse. Many men associate impotence with the aging of the male body and finally forget about intimate life. But it always makes sense to fight against the disease, and everyone has a chance to win.

Erectile dysfunction is divided into two types: organic and psychological. Organic erectile dysfunction does not occur immediately, but gradually. At first, there are interruptions in the night and morning erection; then a usual erection disappears, but the sexual desire and ejaculation remain. This ejaculation is either excessively fast or can be achieved after a long, debilitating sex. Psychological erectile dysfunction can appear due to stresses, problems at work and relations. That is, the condition arises unexpectedly, for example, after a scandal at work or at home.

Erectile dysfunction can be complete or partial, it can appear at the very beginning of sexual activity (primary impotence), or after several years of active sexual activity (secondary impotence). Primary impotence is explained by complex physiological disorders, for example, pathology of the genitals, pathology of the nervous system. Secondary erectile dysfunction is the most common type. Most often, it starts with a decrease in sexual desire, or with a constant fear of not satisfying the partner.

In addition, everyone should know that erectile dysfunction is not an uncaused disease. It is always accompanied by a disease, for example, diabetes mellitus or depression.

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy defines the main causes of erectile dysfunction:

  • psychogenic (psychological). These include: family conflicts, stressful situations, depression, neurosis, psychosis, mental disorders, prolonged abstinence, etc .;
  • neurogenic. These include: various injuries of the spinal cord and brain, surgical interventions on the spinal cord and brain, osteochondrosis of the lumbosacral spine, circulatory disorders in the brain, multiple sclerosis, etc .;
  • cardiovascular. They include: diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, violation of venous outflow from the penis, etc .;
  • endocrine. These include: diabetes mellitus, violation of the secret function of the pituitary gland, dysfunction of the thyroid gland, adrenal glands,
  • congenital or acquired disorders in the production of androgens (testosterone) in the testes, etc .;
  • organic lesions of the penis. For example, inflammation of cavernous (cavernous) bodies, penile trauma, Peyronie’s disease, etc .;
  • medicinal. After taking antihypertensive drugs (dilating blood vessels); psychotropic, hormonal and antiulcer drugs; antidepressants.

How to treat erectile dysfunction?

The most important rule that every man should know: one can not treat erectile dysfunction without consulting a doctor. Only an expert can determine the exact cause of erectile dysfunction.

The most common methods of treating erectile dysfunction are medical therapy, psychotherapeutic methods, injective pharmacotherapy, surgical methods.


If the cause of weak erection turned are bad relations with women, the best remedy for erectile dysfunction is a couple of sessions with a therapist. A specialist will help a man to endure stress, get rid of anxiety and regain self-confidence. Doctor’s actions will help only if erectile dysfunction (impotence) arose against the background of bad relationship, and not a consequence of disease.

Medication therapy

Pills for erectile dysfunction from Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy are the best drugs that increase erection. Medicines for impotence like generic Viagra, Cialis, Levitra are tablets with a strong stimulating effect. The action of the tablets starts approximately an hour after the administration and lasts from 4 to 36 hours, depending on the chosen remedy.

Injection pharmacotherapy (penile intracavernous injection)

It’s one of the most expensive, but no less effective ways to increase potency. It is based on the introduction of drugs that dilate the blood vessels. Erection occurs even without sexual arousal, regardless of your sexual desire.

Surgical treatment

Surgical treatment of impotence is used in cases where all of the above methods do not help, or the surgery has certain indications. Surgery is used if there is venous or arterial insufficiency of the penis, or prosthesis of the penis is necessary.

Methods of treating erectile dysfunction primarily depend on the causes that caused this disorder. Methods of treatment – injections, physiotherapy, Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, or even surgery – should be strictly defined by the doctor.

Summarizing, we would like to say that erectile dysfunction often prevents men in sexual life, because they do not want or are afraid to fight it. The first cure for impotence is your desire to eliminate the problem. If you have a desire to have sex, then order tablets from the online catalog from Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy, and you will always be confident in your sexual abilities. Make an order right now and forget about problems with potency forever!